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Death Grant: single payment


The Death Grant is currently a single payment of £785.68, usually paid to the executors or administrators of the deceased's will, or to the person who has paid the funeral expenses.

What is the Death Grant?

A Death Grant is a single payment paid on the death of a person who has contributed to the Social Security scheme.

Under certain circumstances a Death Grant can be paid where the person who died did not have any contributions paid.

Who receives the Death Grant?

If there is a will or letters of administration the grant is paid to the executor or administrator. Otherwise it is paid to the person who has paid the funeral expenses. Only one grant can be paid in respect of a person who has died.

How much is the Death Grant?

The Death Grant is currently a single payment of £785.68.

What are the qualifying conditions?

Normally the person who has died must have paid Social Security contributions for the grant to be paid. The grant will be paid if:

  • the deceased had paid (or been credited with) sufficient contributions for a period of at least one year before they died or
  • a contribution was payable to the Social Security scheme in the month in which the death occurred

Also to qualify for the grant, the person who died must have been living in Jersey at the time of their death.

Deaths outside the Island

A Death Grant may be paid if the person who died:

  • was receiving a Jersey Social Security benefit at the full rate or
  • normally lived in Jersey and died within 6 months of leaving the Island

Death of a child under 16

If a child age 16 or under dies, the grant will be paid based on the Social Security contributions made by the mother or father.

A Death Grant cannot be paid in respect of a still-born baby.  

How and when to claim

If a death has occurred in Jersey, the funeral director will usually send us the death certificate and details of who we should forward the grant application form to. We will then send out the Death Grant application form, and this will need to be completed and returned to us within six months of the date of death.

If a person has died outside the Island and / or if a Death Grant claim form has not been received, please forward either the original or certified copy of the death certificate and we will then issue you with a form if the grant is payable.


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