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Adoption grant

The Adoptive Parent Grant is a payment to help you with the general costs of preparing for a child. An Adoptive Parent Grant cannot be paid if the claimant is the parent or step parent of the adopted child

What is the Adoptive Parent Grant?

The Adoptive Parent Grant is a single payment to assist with the costs in preparing for a child.  This grant is available if you adopt a child, and is paid at the same rate as the Maternity Grant (which is paid to a mother on the birth of a child).

Who can claim the Adoptive Parent Grant?

You (or your spouse or civil partner) can claim the Adoptive Parent Grant if you have been granted an adoption order and are not already the parent or step parent of the child.

There are also contribution requirements.  You (or your spouse/civil partner) must have paid the equivalent of three months contributions before a set date which is calculated according to the date of the adoption order.  The following table shows these dates. 

Month of the adoption order The 'set date' you must have paid three months contributions by is:
 January to March  30 September of the previous year
 April to June  31 December of the previous year
 July to September  31 March of the same year
 October to December  30 of June of the same year


The Adoptive  Parent Grant is payable when an adoption order is issued in accordance with the Adoption (Jersey) Law 2002.  This grant is payable to a person named in the adoption order.

How much is the Adoptive Parent Grant?

The grant is currently £574.14.

How do I claim the Adoptive Parent Grant?

Please contact us to request a claim form, which must be completed and returned to the Social Security Department along with the adoption order.  You must make your claim within three months of the adoption order being granted.

If your claim is based on your spouse's/civil partner's contribution record, we will also need to see your original marriage certicate/certificate of civil partnership (or a certified copy).

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