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Grant schemes (Energy Efficiency Service)

Eco Active

The Energy Efficiency Service aims to help you save energy and money at home through our grant schemes, which are States-run and supported by a donation from Jersey Electricty.

What do the grant schemes provide?

The Energy Efficiency Service (EES) runs 2 grant schemes: the Home Energy Scheme and the Community Buildings Programme.

To qualify for a grant, you or your organisation must meet certain criteria. Once we confirm your eligibility, your property will be assessed to identify if any of the energy saving measures provided by the schemes are suitable for you. Depending on what work is appropriate the EES will arrange for works to take place through the grant funded process.

The following is available under both grant schemes:

  • cavity wall insulation
  • loft insulation
  • draught proofing
  • pipe work insulation
  • heating system reviews (owner-occupiers only)
  • low energy lighting

Other works will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Home Energy Scheme

This scheme is currently available to households that meet any of the following criteria:

  • households registered on Income Support
  • individuals registered on the 65+ Health Plan (Westfield)
  • individuals that receive the Food Costs (GST) Bonus
  • anyone aged over 65 that currently holds less than £50,000 in savings if married / co-habiting or £30,000 savings if living alone

Both private tenants and owner-occupiers are eligible for the scheme; however, States of Jersey Housing Department residents are not.

If you think you qualify for the Home Energy Scheme please complete an application form and return to us.

Download Home Energy Scheme application booklet (size 3.17mb)
Download Home Energy Scheme application form (size 475kb)

Community Buildings Programme

The Community Buildings Programme welcomes applications for energy efficiency assistance from charities and non profit-making organisations. Initially the project will focus on organisations that contribute to the wellbeing of vulnerable members of the community.

Organisations that own, rent or are joint occupants of a property may qualify for assistance. However, properties owned and maintained by the States of Jersey may not be eligible.

Properties qualifying for the Community Buildings Programme will initially be assessed to identify works eligible for scheme funding. Once an assessment of the requirements has been made by the EES, grant funding will be made available for the organisations to complete the work.

To discuss whether your organisation may quality for EES funding and to receive an application form, please contact us.​​

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