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Buses and eco-friendly travel

Eco Active

Did you know that if you take the bus on just one 5-mile journey each week, over a year you could save 36kg of CO2 compared with driving? That's the same amount of CO2 produced by the electricity that powers a lightbulb for over two years.

Imagine how much emptier the roads would be, how much cleaner the air would be and how much better off our environment would be if all drivers took public transport.

Why should I use public transport?

The benefits of using public transport include:

  • buses provide fast, easy access to the town centre
  • your car insurance could drop if your annual mileage drops
  • no need to find or pay for a parking space
  • you can read, relax, or work on a bus
  • no traffic jams, bad-mannered drivers or traffic wardens to upset you
  • stay until the shops close - not until your parking ticket runs out
  • meet up and go for a drink with your friends, someone else will drive you home
  • a single decker bus carries the same number of people as 10 fully occupied cars (yet most commuter cars carry two or less passengers)

For more information on the bus service in Jersey contact LibertyBus.

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