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Saving water, water pollution and water monitoring

Eco Active

Less than 1% of all the water on earth can be used by people. The rest is salt water or is permanently frozen. That's why it is so important to use water wisely and make sure that water does not get polluted.

How you can get involved in safeguarding your environment

Eco-Active time for tap

Find out the reasons why you should consider swapping your bottled water for tap, including differences in cost

Private water supplies: pollution and testing

Where to get your drinking water tested and why it is important to switch to mains water from borehole and well water

Oil pollution

Information about preventing and reporting oil leaks and spills, including oil tanks guidelines

Saving water

Find out how to cut your water use, save money on your water bills and help the environment

Blue Fish Campaign: protecting streams, ponds and reservoirs

Find out more about the Blue Fish Campaign and how it protects our Island's streams, ponds and reservoirs

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