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Senators, Deputies and Constables

The Assembly of the States of Jersey is one of the oldest legislatures in the English speaking world. The elected members of the States Assembly are Senators, Deputies and Constables.


The Constable (or Connétable) is the elected head of the parish. Constables are voted in by their parishioners and get a seat in the States automatically. Constables have been members of the States since the earliest record of States meetings.


Senators represent the whole Island and first joined in the States in 1948. The number of Senators has now been reduced to 8, all 8 are elected for the same term of office as all Constables and Deputies.


The office of Deputy has been in existence for over 100 years. Deputies are elected in 17 districts which correspond to parish boundaries. Larger parishes, such as St Helier and St Brelade, are divided u​p into more than 1 district to make sure the population is represented.

How to contact your Constable, Senator or Deputy

Contact details for all States Members are available on the States Assembly website.

States Members on States Assembly website

The States of Jersey

The main responsibilities of the States of Jersey are to:

  • pass laws and regulations
  • approve annual estimates of public expenditure
  • appoint a Council of Ministers to be responsible for public business
  • appoint a Public Accounts Committee and scrutiny panels to hold the executive to account
  • determine policy
  • debate and decide issues of public importance
  • consider petitions
  • represent the people of Jersey

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