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House Price Index report quarter three 2012

DepartmentStatistics Unit (Chief Minister's)
AuthorStatistics Unit
Issue date15 Nov 2012
Cost Prepared internally, no external cost

​The average cost of dwellings in Jersey is measured by the Jersey House Price Index. This index measures the combined weighted average price of one and two-bedroom flats and two, three and four-bedroom houses.

The principal data sources on the transaction prices of property sales used in the Jersey House Price Index are:

  • the Jersey Property Bulletin for freehold and flying freehold properties
  • the States of Jersey Taxes Office for share transfer transactions

The above data are supplemented by information on the type and size of each property provided by the States of Jersey Population Office.

This report covers Q3 of 2012.

Download House Price Index report for quarter three 2012 (size 660kb)
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