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Common policy for external relations

DepartmentChief Minister's (Chief Minister's)
AuthorCouncil of Ministers
Issue date23 Nov 2012
Cost Prepared internally, no external cost

This report draws together into a single document the various strands of existing policy relating to external relations, which had until now been recorded in strategic plans, previous decisions of the Council of Ministers and other declared stances.

As well as covering the historical, political and constitutional context for Jersey’s external relations, the policy also sets out the following six principles for the conduct of external relations:

  1. Protect Jersey’s unique constitution, and its domestic and fiscal autonomy
  2. Promote Jersey’s international identity and good reputation as a responsible country committed to the rule of law, international standards, and respect for internationally recognised human and labour rights
  3. Serve Jersey's best economic interests by promoting a strong, diversified economy, safeguarding its competitive position and promoting growth through trade and inward investment
  4. Promote Jersey’s national and cultural identity abroad
  5. Join with others in supporting sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing countries
  6. Abide by internationally agreed standards of environmental stewardship

Download common policy for external relations (size 152kb)
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