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Alcohol and drugs

A parent's guide to drugs

Find practical advice about what you can do as a parent, whether your children are using drugs or not.

A parent's guide to drugs

Alcohol: the facts

Information on the risks of alcohol and recommended safe limits for alcohol consumption

Helping someone with an alcohol or drug problem

Find out what to do and where to go for help if you're concerned about someone you think has a drug or alcohol problem

Help with alcohol issues

Advice about what to do if you think you have an alcohol problem, and how the Alcohol and Drugs Service can help you

Alcohol consumption questionnaire

Take this short test to see if your drinking habits could be putting your health at risk

The common myths of alcohol revealed

Information on some of the myths about alcohol and the truth about them

Needle exchange service

Learn about Jersey's needle exchange programme, which provides sterile injecting equipment at various locations

Drugs and their effects

Details about various drugs and how they can affect you when taken for long periods of time or in large doses

Help with opiate addiction

Information about opiate addiction, the treatments available, and how and where you can get help and advice

Practical advice for parents about young people's drug use

This guide will help parent's understand young people’s drug use

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