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Housing rights and residential statuses

Registration cards: moving house or job

If you move house or change job you need a registration card. Find out if and when you'll need a card.

Registration cards for work and housing

Tenant and landlord rights

Find out more about your rights and responsibilities if you're a tenant or landlord

Housing for people with 'registered' status

Details about the type of property you can live in if your residential status in Jersey is 'registered'

Housing standards

Learn how housing conditions can affect your health and how housing standards are governed in Jersey

High Value Residency

Information on High Value Residency, how the policy works and the procedures surrounding it

Residential statuses and what they mean

Details of the four residential statuses given to every person living or working in Jersey and what they mean

Moving house or job (registration cards)

You need a registration card if you move house or if you come to live in Jersey. Find out why and how to get one

Condition reports for landlords and tenants

Learn about compulsory condition reports for tenanted properties, and download a report template to use

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