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Active Card membership

New six month membership option now available for £245 - a one-off payment with no joining fee and no freezing option. Call in at the active office at Fort Regent or Les Quennevais sports centre to sign up.

Active membership

There are two options for Active membership:

  • a yearly contract
  • a six-month membership option for a one-off payment with no joining fee, and no freezing option

What you get as an Active member

As an Active member, you'll get:

  • access to gyms at Fort Regent, Les Quennevais and Springfield sports centres
  • access to swimming pools at Les Quennevais sports centre
  • access to sauna and steam at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais sport centre
  • access to over 100 fitness classes per week
  • free car parking at all facilities
  • a free child membership for every adult membership (your child must be under 18, in full time education)
  • a welcome pack when you sign up

Payment and fees

You can pay in advance for the six-month or year options, and save the joining fee of £60, or pay for the year option only by monthly direct debit.

Membership type Direct debit One-off payment
adult £42 £450
senior citizen* £29 £296
adult six month​ n/a​ £245
exercise referral** £36 £384
additional children £7 £72

* you must present your pension card from Social Security when applying for this membership
** this membership is only applicable to clients upon successful completion of the exercise referral programme

Active monthly passes

If you don't want to sign up for a year, you can still use our facilities by signing up for a monthly pass instead. There are five types of monthly passes including a trial card, off-peak card, gym and swim passes and a student card.

Active monthly passes

How to freeze your active membership

You can freeze your yearly membership - put it on hold - using our online forms.

Advance payment members - freeze your Active Card
Direct debit members - freeze your Active Card

What is freezing?

Freezing is when Active Card members put their membership on hold for a period of time. Freezing is only available to annual advance and direct debit members. It is not available to members with a corporate subscription.

How long can I freeze my membership for?

For Active members with a direct debit membership the minimum period of time is one month and the maximum period is six months. Active annual members can freeze for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of six months.

Is there a charge?

It is free to annual advance members. There is a monthly charge of £7 if you hold a direct debit membership. ​

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