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Planning application process (planning practice note)

Planning application process

The planning application process is always helped by clear, concise and accurate information. The better the information you provide the better the service we can offer. 

The step by step planning process can be simplified as follows:

  • pre-application advice
  • registering the planning application within 5 working days
  • site notices displayed for 21 days
  • advertise planning applications in the Jersey Gazette
  • 21 days for neighbours and islanders to respond to your planning proposals
  • assessment of application, plans and all correspondence received 
  • determining the planning application within 13 weeks

Guidance notes

The process is explained in greater detail in the following guidance notes.

Download step-by-step guide to the planning process - SPG practice note 16 (July 2009) (size 66kb)

Download Revised plans - SPG practice note 2 (October 2007) (size 46.4kb)​

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