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Pre-application advice

Planning and Building Services offer 2 different advice services to customers who are thinking about submitting an application: 

  • a drop-in advice service for small developments, such as:
    • house extensions
    • loft conversions
    • conservatories
    • garages
    • sheds etc

The service is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

  • a pre-application meeting and advice service for large developments

The practice note below explains the 2 different advice services in more detail and advises customers of what information they should bring with them.

Please note that although we will endeavor to provide customers with the best possible advice based on the information we have, we cannot guarantee that any subsequent application will be approved. Applications need to be subject to a full planning application assessment process. This includes scrutiny by: 

  • the public
  • the Minister for Planning and Environment
  • other interested parties

Download pre-application advice - SPG practice note 1 (size 53kb)

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