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Sand Street parking payment trial

The new system at Sand Street will affect how and when you pay for parking. Find out more


Information about paycards, including how much they cost and how to use them

Seasonal parking and permits

Season tickets and half permits are a cheaper and more convenient way of paying for long stay parking

Parking discs

Information about parking discs, including where to buy them and how to use them

Disabled parking (blue badge)

Information on the blue badge disabled parking scheme, including how to apply and the use of the badge

Eco-friendly vehicles (Environment and greener living section)

Information about the eco-friendly parking permit, including vehicle eligibility and how much is discounted from parking costs

Broken down vehicles in parking areas

Information about what to do if your car has broken down in a parking area, including who to contact

Parking fines

Information about parking fines, including how much fines are, how to pay and how to appeal

Parking on a beach

Information about parking on beaches, including which beaches you are allowed to park vehicles and boat trailers on

Pay parking fines

Pay for your parking fines (car park fines only) online

Parking permits for Housing Department tenants

Information about parking permits for Housing Department tenants, including how to apply or change your permit details

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