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Road closures and delays

See current and future road closures and delays, either in an in-depth map or as a summary list.

List of major closures and delays

See the main road closures and delays listed on the Trafficworx website.

Main closures and delays list on Trafficworx website

Map showing closures and delays 

The map shows:
  • when roadworks and other traffic disruption will take place
  • who is responsible for them
  • their exact location 

Road closures and delays map on Trafficworx website 

What is Trafficworx?

Almost all Jersey roads are maintained by either Transport and Technical Services or the Island’s parishes. They jointly use Trafficworx to minimise disruption for road users.


  • supports planning and co-ordination between TTS, the parishes, utility companies, the emergency services, and the bus company
  • helps identify network conflicts and co-ordination opportunities
  • helps protect roads which are under resurfacing embargo
  • helps TTS and the parishes manage their roadwork inspections
  • provides a record of past roadworks

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