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Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

Travelling with your pet

Learn what rules apply under the Pet Travel Scheme when travelling with your dog, cat or ferret.

Pet passports: how, when and why you need one

Find out when and why you need a pet passport, which countries require them, and what you must do to get one

Approved pet carriers

Find out about 'approved carriers' - those transport companies your pet dog, cat or ferret can travel with in and out of Jersey

Checks to carry out before your pet travels to Jersey

Advice about things to check before travel, such as different treatments for diseases and which dog breeds aren't allowed into Jersey

Travelling to Jersey with your pet from the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands

If you plan on travelling to Jersey with your pet from the British Isles, your pet won't need a pet passport or vaccinations. Learn more

Your pet's welfare while travelling

Find tips and advice to help keep travel as stress-free as possible for your pet

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