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Skills Jersey: developing skills related initiatives

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As our economy evolves to keep up with global and technological changes, Skills Jersey is tasked with ensuring that training and further education programmes meet the needs of both employers and individuals in all sectors of industry.

About Skills Jersey

Skills Jersey was formed to ensure Jersey’s workforce is ready to react to the global and technological changes affecting our economy. It comprises of the Skills Executive, made up of the Ministers and Chief Officers for Economic Development, Education, Sport and Culture and Social Security, and the Jersey Skills Board.

Jersey Skills Board

The Jersey Skills Board advises Ministers and oversees the development of skills-related initiatives. The board is chaired by David Witherington, formerly Director, Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS) until his retirement in March 2014, and is composed of six other board members drawn from industry. There is also representation by officers from Economic Development, Education Sport and Culture, and Social Security, who have responsibility for training and workforce development. Contact Skills Jersey for further information

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