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Jersey Customs & Immigration Service

Mobile phone

Customs and Immigration confidential freephone

Report smuggling, illegal immigration, duty and GST evasion - freephone 0800 735 5555.

Customs and Immigration confidential freephone

About Jersey Customs and Immigration Service

Find out about the role and function of the Jersey Customs & Immigration Service

GST for customers (taxes and your money section)

Find out about importing, declaring and paying for goods

Citizenship and settling in Jersey (life events section)

Information on how to become a British citizen and settling in Jersey

Non EU/EEA nationals wishing to visit Jersey (travel and transport section)

Information for non EU / EEA nationals wishing to visit Jersey, including details about visas and other requirements

Leaving the Island (life events section)

Find out what you need to consider if you are leaving the Island

Moving to Jersey (life events section)

Discover all you need to know about moving to the Island

Work permits (working in Jersey section)

You may need a work permit to work in Jersey. Find out if you need one and how to apply

Passports (travel and transport section)

Information on applying for a passport, lost stolen and damaged passports and renewing a passport

Reporting drug smuggling (staying safe section)

Find out how to report smuggling (drugs, firearms, tobacco, alcohol etc), including details of contact numbers, confidentiality and rewards

Travel information and advice (travel and transport section)

Information for visitors to Jersey as well as details on imports and exports. Also includes information on health agreements

Disclosing cash when travelling (travel and transport section)

Find out about disclosing large amounts of cash that you import or export from Jersey, including possible penalties if you fail to disclose

Traders importing goods

Find out all you need to know about importing goods, commercial duty rates, and becoming a Customs approved trader

Legalisation of documents

Find out how to have a document legalised, how long it takes and how much it costs

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