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Shipping forecast

For the area bounded by latitude 50N, the French coast between Cap de la Hague and Île de Bréhat and longitude 3W.

Issued by the Jersey Meteorological Department at 10pm Wednesday, 22 October 2014 for the period ending 1am Saturday.

General Situation

At 7 p.m. high, 1031mb, over southwest France was drifting east and declining.

Forecast from 1am Thursday to 1am Friday.

Wind: West 4 to 5, locally 6 in the north, backing southwest by dawn.

Sea state: Slight in the south to rather rough in the north.

Weather: Patchy light rain by midday.

Visibility: Mainly good, perhaps poor in rain.

Swell: 2 to 4 feet.

Outlook from 1am Friday to 1am Saturday.

Wind: South to southwest 4 to 5, locally 6 in the morning, veering west to northwest around midday and decreasing 3 to 4 later.

Sea state: Slight to moderate, with a low swell, locally rather rough in the north in the morning.

Weather: Occasional light rain, becoming persistent and heavier later Friday morning, clearing in the evening.

Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate, locally poor in rain.

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