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Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive (EVPI)

​About the incentive​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Eligible applicants can apply for funding to help them buy an electric:

  • car
  • van
  • moped 
  • motorbike

Applications for the Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive (EVPI) may be made via an approved retailer until further notice. 

The purchase incentive aims to speed up Jersey’s transition to electric vehicles by bringing down the cost of electric vehicles to be closer to petrol or diesel alternatives.

This webpage constitutes the Terms and Conditions of this incentive.  

Who can apply

This incentive is available for individuals and businesses. Approved vehicle retailers will apply on behalf of individuals and businesses and then deduct the incentive value from the electric vehicle purchase price. If you’re interested in applying then you must contact an approved vehicle retailer.

To be eligible to apply for the EVPI, individuals and businesses must: 

  • be a Jersey resident or business operating in Jersey
  • be purchasing the vehicle from an approved retailer
  • be making a new purchase. Retrospective payments will not be made as the grant value is deducted from the vehicle price at the point of sale
  • keep the vehicle for at least 6 months​ after purchase

Only 1 EVPI per private individual can be approved. Applications from members of the same household are allowed. A maximum of 5 EVPI applications per business can be approved. The vehicle purchase incentive is available to those buying a vehicle outright or with a loan from a finance provider. 

Funding available

Eligible individuals and businesses can apply for an incentive of 35% of the purchase value, up to a maximum of £3,500 towards the cost of an electric car or van. Cars and vans eligible under the scheme have a maximum value of £40,000. 

Eligible individuals and businesses can apply for an incentive of £300 towards the cost of an electric moped or motorcycle. Mopeds and motorcycles eligible under the scheme have a maximum value of £5,000.

Maximum vehicle prices include GST. 

Individuals can only access funding for 1 EVPI. Businesses can be awarded up to 5 EVPI.  

Individuals and small businesses can also apply for £350 towards the installation of an electric vehicle smart charger under a separate scheme. You can find out more at Electric Vehicle Charger Incentive

Each incentive must be applied for separately.  

Vehicles included within the scheme

All vehicles purchased under the EVPI must be:

  • purchased through an approved vehicle retailer 
  • new to Jersey and being registered in the Island for the first time. Vehicle can have been registered to the vehicle retailer previously 
  • fully electric
  • manufactured in the year 2000 or later
  • up to £40,000 in value, if a car or van
  • up to £5,000 in value, if a moped or motorcycle 

Maximum vehicle prices include GST. 

Vehicles purchased using an EVPI can be new or used. Hybrid vehicles are not included in this incentive.

Electric vehicles with an acoustic vehicle alert system (AVAS) help improve road safety. AVAS alerts pedestrians and other vulnerable road users to the presence of electric vehicles. This is particularly important for people with visual impairments. Purchasing an electric vehicle with AVAS is highly recommended although not currently required by law in Jersey. 

Find out more about fire safety around electric vehicles at the Fire Protection Association.

How to apply

Approved vehicle retailers must apply on behalf of customers through the Scheme Administrator. Jersey Electricity Plc has been engaged by the Government of Jersey to act as the Scheme Administrator.

Individuals or businesses interested in the EVPI should:

  1. confirm they meet the eligibility criteria for the EVPI
  2. contact an approved vehicle retailer  
  3. agree to abide by the approved retailer's terms of business, or equivalent
  4. agree a price and enter into a contract for the electric vehicle purchase with the chosen vehicle retailer. Vehicle price must not exceed the set maximum for the type of electric vehicle being purchased
  5. instruct their chosen vehicle retailer to make an application for the Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive on their behalf

The vehicle retailer will apply for the incentive on the individual’s or business’s behalf through an online application form.  Access to the online application form will be made available to approved vehicle retailers by the Scheme Administrator. 

The individual or business will then be contacted by the Scheme Administrator to confirm all information within the application is correct. The individual or business must also confirm their consent to the application, their consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions if their application is successful, and their consent to their data being processed in accordance with the privacy notice.  

The Scheme Administrator will notify the vehicle retailer once an EVPI application has been processed. The vehicle retailer will then contact the individual or business to update them and arrange payment for the electric vehicle. Vehicle retailers will deduct the value of an approved EVPI from the purchase cost of the electric vehicle. 

It's understood that some individuals do not use email or may not be able to access the online service to provide their consent. In this case, the Scheme Administrator will contact them by telephone or post.

Separate applications need to be submitted by businesses wishing to apply for multiple vehicles. 

Application approval criteria

The Scheme Administrator has responsibility for checking and approving applications made for the EVPI. They are:

  • subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions, an application may be approved by the Scheme Administrator (at its discretion) if no previous successful applications have been made for the EVPI for an individual
  • no more than 4 previous successful Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive applications have been made for a business
  • the vehicle being purchased under the EVPI is new to Jersey. This can include vehicles that approved vehicle retailers imported before the launch of the EVPI on 29 August 2023
  • the vehicle being purchased under the EVPI has not been sold by the vehicle retailer prior to launch of the incentive scheme. The point of sale is taken to be when a contractual agreement is in place for the purchase of a vehicle
  • the vehicle being purchased under the EVPI is guaranteed to be in the individual’s or business’ possession for at least 6 months. In the case of a lease or hire agreement, the purchaser would have to retain ownership and registration of the vehicle for the full 6 months

When a successful individual or business applicant is sent confirmation by the Scheme Administrator that their application for an EVPI has been approved, a contract will be formed between the successful individual or business applicant and the Government of Jersey on and subject to these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time by the Government of Jersey) in respect of the payment of the agreed incentive.  

However, at no time will a contract exist between the Government of Jersey and the successful individual or​ business applicant in relation to the electric vehicle itself, as these matters will be governed by the manufacturer’s terms and conditions and the applicant’s agreement with their approved vehicle retailer. Accordingly, the Government of Jersey accepts no liability arising out of or in connection with any electric vehicle purchased using an EVPI.

Should the lead time for delivery of the electric vehicle exceed 6 months after an application has been approved, the individual or business will need to reapply for the EVPI

Before an application can be made on their behalf for the EVPI, the individual or business will need to provide their approved vehicle retailer with proof of:

  • ID and date of birth from a Jersey driving licence or passport
  • address from a utility bill, bank statement or letter from tax or social security office, dated within the last 3 months
  • business registration if applying as a business

Approved vehicle retailers must ensure they have received the above documents and verified the following before an application for the EVPI is made on behalf of an individual or business:

  • the identity, address and (if applicable) business registration of the applicant
  • all the other information required for completion of the online application form

Approved vehicle retailers must send proof that a contractual agreement exists with the individual or business for the sale of the electric vehicle. Applications for the EVPI won't be processed until this is received by the Scheme Administrator. 

Payment of incentives

Where an application is approved the value of the agreed incentive will be paid directly to the vehicle retailer by the Government of Jersey. The vehicle retailer must deduct the value of the incentive from the purchase cost of the electric vehicle. The individual or business will be responsible for paying the remainder of the cost of purchasing the electric vehicle to the vehicle retailer including the total GST payable on the full value of the vehicle. 

The value of the incentive will only be paid once:

  • the electric vehicle has arrived with the approved vehicle retailer in Jersey 
  • the individual or business has paid their proportion of the costs to the vehicle retailer (excluding incentive value) and this has been confirmed to the Scheme Administrator
  • a redemption form has been submitted to the Scheme Administrator by the vehicle retailer
  • the redemption form has been approved by the Scheme Administrator.

GST will not be payable on the incentive value. 

Once the redemption form has been approved by the Scheme Administrator the Government of Jersey will pay the incentive value to the vehicle retailer. 

The Government of Jersey will not have any claim over the ownership of electric vehicles purchased through the EVPI. Ownership is purely between the approved vehicle retailer, the individual or business and the finance provider, if applicable. 

If an individual or business breaches these Terms and Conditions, the Government of Jersey will seek to reclaim the value of the EVPI from them. 

If a purchase refund is agreed between the individual or business and the approved vehicle retailer, the Government of Jersey will seek to reclaim the value of the EVPI from the approved vehicle retailer. 

Following receipt of payment, approved vehicle retailers need to notify the Scheme Administrator with confirmation that the individual or business has taken possession of the electric vehicle. Failure to do this will result in the Government of Jersey initiating the process of reclaiming the EVPI value from the approved vehicle retailer.

There is a 30 day 'cooling off' period on the incentive, starting from the date on which the customer takes possession of the vehicle.  During this time if the customer wishes to return the vehicle, they must first get the agreement of the retailer.  If the retailer agrees to a refund, they must apply to GoJ to void the incentive.  Agreement to void an incentive will be made at the Government of Jersey's discretion.  Full repayment of the incentive value by the retailer to Government of Jersey will be required.  If voided, the retailer can apply for the incentive for the same vehicle again and the customer can apply for the incentive again for a different vehicle. This does not impact on any statutory consumer rights associated with the vehicle purchase. 

If there is no agreement to void the incentive, the customer must repay the incentive value to the Government of Jersey if the vehicle is sold within six months of them taking possession.​

Fraudulent applications or claims

The Government of Jersey reserves the right to audit approved vehicle retailers and applicants to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Where fraudulent consent or applications are made, the application will be rejected, and the case may be referred to the States of Jersey Police. 

Where an application has be​​en approved and an incentive has been paid, and these Terms and Conditions are subsequently found to have been breached, the Government of Jersey reserves the right to recover any fraudulently obtained funding. The matter will be referred to the States of Jersey Police and future incentive applications refused.

Approved vehicle retailers

The current approved vehicle retailers of the EVPI are:

Approval process for vehicle retailers

If you're a vehicle retailer and would like to become part of the EVPI, email

To become an approved vehicle retailer you need to successfully complete the registration and due diligence process. You must also meet the following criterias:  

Registration and governance

You must:

  • be an appropriately registered and regulated Jersey-based organisation  
  • hold a valid business licence issued by Customer and Local Services
  • be registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission
  • have Principals, Directors or senior managers who are accountable for the actions of the business

Financial stability

You must:

  • confirm there are no patterns of fiancial instability, such as bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership proceedings, associated with the Principals, Directors or senior managers of the business
  • confirm that no Principal, Director or senior manager of the business has been convicted of fraud or professional misconduct, or has a case outstanding


You must:

  • have an insured retail and administered premises in Jersey
  • confirm you hold at least £2 million of public liability insurance and, if relevant, employers liability insurance

​Compliance with laws and policies

You must:

  • confirm that you are working in accordance with the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2013
  • confirm that the business' tax and social security payments are up to date
  • be registered for G​ST, where applicable
  • be operating in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and best practice
  • agree to comply with:
    • the electric vehicle purchase incentive terms and conditions, constituted by this webpage
    • the Agreement for the​ Provision of Services below, including its schedules and any other documents referred to in the Agreement​

Agreement for the Provision of Services

​​​Customer care and environmental performance

​You must:

  • ​provide a warranty on all vehicles
  • provide customers with your terms of business, or equivalent​
  • confirm the business is committed to improving its environmental performance

Roles across organisations

Role of Government

The Carbon Neutral Roadmap provides an outline of the EVPI. The Roadmap was agreed by the States Assembly in April 2022. 

References in these Terms and Conditions to the Government of Jersey are references to the Government of Jersey acting by the Minister for Environment or where the context requires, any administration of the Government of Jersey.

The Government of Jersey is responsible for:

  • setting up the Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive 
  • creating the Terms and Conditions
  • providing a complaints process 
  • processing payments 

Role of Jersey Electricity 

Jersey Electricity (JE) is the Scheme Administrator which has been engaged to administer the Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive on behalf of the Government of Jersey. JE holds responsibility for incentive processing and approvals in line with Government set criteria. 

The Scheme Administrator’s functions include but are not limited to: 

  • processing and approving or refusing applications 
  • processing and approving or refusing payment redemptions
  • reporting on delivery of the Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive to the Government of Jersey
  • sharing access to the online application form with approved vehicle retailers
  • communicating with approved vehicle retailers and applicants in relation to the EVPI

Role of individual or business  

Individuals or businesses must: 

  • confirm eligibility details and provide the required documentation to their approved vehicle retailer
  • ensure any information or confirmation they provide as part of the application process is true, accurate and complete
  • confirm their consent for an incentive application to be made on their behalf by their chosen vehicle retailer 
  • reply to the Scheme Administrator to confirm their consent to the application, these Terms and Conditions and the processing of their personal data
  • take part in audit and compliance processes as requested 
  • make payment to their approved vehicle retailer as agreed 
  • take responsibility for any deposits required   

Role of vehicle retailers 

Vehicle retailers are responsible for: 

  • completing the registration process to obtain approval to participate in the EVPI  
  • acting as the primary contact for individuals and businesses wishing to apply 
  • submitting applications and paperwork required
  • confirming all information provided is true, accurate and complete and that the application meets the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions
  • deducting the value of an approved EVPI from the purchase cost of the associated electric vehicle
  • engaging with audit and compliance processes as requested

Who to contact about the scheme

As an individual or business:  

  • speak to an approved vehicle retailer to apply for the incentive
  • if you would like to cancel an application made on your behalf, contact your approved vehicle retailer
  • if you are unhappy with any aspect of the EVPI, in the first instance speak to your vehicle retailer. If the situation remains unresolved then contact
  • you can give us your feedback

As a vehicle retailer: 

  • if you're an approved vehicle retailer and have questions about an application you have made, contact the Scheme Administrator
  • if you're a vehicle retailer wishing to be added to the approved vehicle retailer list then email

If you have questions about the scheme in general, contact

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