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2019Public sector staffing and costs13/11/2019
redundancy; redundant
2019Public sector staffing and costs25/02/2019
FOI request
2019Government administration18/11/2019
strategic reserve; social security fund; investment portfolio; fossil fuels
2019Government administration14/11/2019
insurance claims; schools insurance; compensation claims;
2019Planning applications and issues07/11/2019
Planning file 10778; 9 Commercial Buildings;
St Christopher's; planning documentation; planning applications; Horrigan; P/2011/0270; RP/2011/0762; B/2011/0220; B/2011/0381; B/2011/0816; B/2012/0375;
2019Health - treatment and services30/01/2019
Future Hospital; £38m; costs; expenditure;
2019Public property and infrastructure02/12/2019
pumping stations; Institution of Engineering and Technology  regulations; IET BS7671;
2019Health - treatment and services30/01/2019
Future Hospital; £38m; costs; expenditure;
2019Health - treatment and services30/01/2019
Future Hospital; £38m; costs; expenditure;
2019Government administration12/12/2019
RNLI; JLA; Jersey Lifeboat Association; 17 November meeting;
2019Planning applications and issues05/03/2019
Hartigan; P/2011/0270; P/2011/0762; P/2011/0220; B/2011/0381; B/2011/0816; B/2012/0375;
2019Community Services, Health - treatment and services23/12/2019
safeguarding services; Safeguarding Partnership Board training; Educational Psychologists; Education Welfare Officers;
2019Income, support, pension and benefits31/12/2019
income support entitlements; personal income; statutory benefit payments; Association of Jersey Charities;
2019Income, support, pension and benefits31/12/2019
Social Security contributions; lower earnings limit; refunds;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison31/12/2019
domestic abuse; police Annual reports; Performance statistics;
2019Community Services, Government policy and procedure31/12/2019
self-service; customer portal; Granicus;
Hautlieu school; admissions policy; appeal;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles27/12/2019
Chasse Brunet; road closure; Grainville School; St Saviours school; highway authority; community consultation;
2019Public property and infrastructure, Public sector staffing and costs24/12/2019
Broad Street office; lighting survey; staff survey;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles24/12/2019
SUVs; electric vehicles; vehicle registrations;
2019Public sector spending and expenses23/12/2019
consultancy services; Ernst and Young; audit; Efficiencies Plan;
2019Public sector spending and expenses, Public property and infrastructure23/12/2019
Digimap service contract; digital mapping; tender process;
2019Public sector spending and expenses20/12/2019
incident reports; serious investigation reports; infant mortality;
2019Health - treatment and services20/12/2019
Health and Safety directorate; Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989; fines; Viscounts Department;
2019Public sector spending and expenses20/12/2019
alcohol purchases; purchase card; credit cards;
2019Public property and infrastructure, Government policy and procedure, Government administration20/12/2019
fire safety; Government offices; fire drills; testing alarm systems;
2019Public sector spending and expenses, Government policy and procedure19/12/2019
public liability insurance; policy certificates; pollution liability; policy enhancement; schedules of exclusions; certificate of indemnity; insurance broker; Marsh;
2019Public sector staffing and costs, Policing, crime, courts and prison20/12/2019
career path; Prison service; Officer progression; HMP La Moye;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison20/12/2019
sexual offences; Sexual Offences (Jersey) Law 2018; sports coach; Designated Officer; abuse of trust;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles19/12/2019
parking charges; parking spaces; Pay by Phone app;
2019Social policy - including housing and immigration18/12/2019
non-qualified properties; housing qualifications; occupied;
2019Social policy - including housing and immigration18/12/2019
Senator Sam Mezec; Minister for Children and Housing; Rob Ward; Scrutiny panels; house prices; house price index; newsroom; code of practice; conflict of interest;
2019Environment and waste18/12/2019
George Town; Bagot; Victoria Road; petrol smell; pollution; hydro carbons;
2019Public property and infrastructure, Legislation and legal matters17/12/2019
Les Pas; land transaction; Fief de La Fosse;
2019Health - treatment and services, Government administration18/12/2019
homecare; home care companies; JCC; Jersey Care Commission; homecare inspection; homecare audit;
2019Public property and infrastructure17/12/2019
le seeleur; will of le seeleur; will; properties; oxford road workshop; 9 chevalier road; le boulevard flats;
2019Health - treatment and services13/12/2019
caesarean sections; C section;
2019Public sector staffing and costs13/12/2019
Communications Director; residential status; work licence; housing licence; registered; licenced;
2019Health - treatment and services, Public sector spending and expenses13/12/2019
Closer to Home strategy; cost accountant;
2019Public sector staffing and costs, Public sector spending and expenses13/12/2019
Communications Unit; Communications Directorate; costs;
2019Environment and waste, Health - treatment and services13/12/2019
complaints; rental properties; Environmental Health; Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings – Minimum Standards and Prescribed Hazards) (Jersey) Order 2018;
2019Income, support, pension and benefits13/12/2019
income support; number of children; households;
2019Environment and waste, Public property and infrastructure13/12/2019
asbestos removal; Redhill Consultancy; Redhill Analysts;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison13/12/2019
ethnicity; nationality; convicted sex offenders;
2019Health - treatment and services, Community Services13/12/2019
Children’s Service Family Support Workers; Parenting and Family Support Workers; Inclusion and Early Intervention;
2019Environment and waste13/12/2019
water pollution; fines; Legendre Contractors;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles12/12/2019
Parking spaces; personal vehicles; staff vehicles;
2019Public sector staffing and costs11/12/2019
staffing; Communications Unit; Human Resources Department;
2019Social policy - including housing and immigration, Government administration11/12/2019
rental deposits; landlords; tenant; tannancy deposit protection; Mydeposits; Condition Report;
2019Income, support, pension and benefits11/12/2019
sleep apnea; LTIA; long Term Incapacity Allowance;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles11/12/2019
Corporate parking; staff parking; GOJ parking;
Tax revenue; HVR; High Value Residents; Statistical Digest; annual report and accounts;
2019Public sector staffing and costs10/12/2019
grievences; disciplinary;
2019Public sector staffing and costs09/12/2019
Directorates; Group Director; Natural Environment: Regulation; Operations and Transport; Economy and Partnerships; Property and Capital Projects;

2019Government administration09/12/2019
Jersey Gazette; page views; page hits; Parish Notices; Community and Society; Legal Notices;
2019Public property and infrastructure09/12/2019
foreshore encroachments; La Retraite de la Cotte; The Beach House; contract of sale;
2019Legislation and legal matters, Government administration09/12/2019
Gibraltar House; property transfers; Crown estates;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison09/12/2019
nationality; offenders; drug related; importing; importation; conspiracy to import; possession with intent to supply;
placement allocations; Reception allocation process; catchment area;
2019Education, Public sector spending and expenses05/12/2019
Teachers strike; school fees; industrial action; Victoria College Prep; VCP;
2019Community Services05/12/2019
population; 2011 census;
2019Government policy and procedure05/12/2019
code of conduct; elected members conduct; ministerial conduct; standing orders
2019Environment and waste05/12/2019
no fault evictions; revenge evictions; rented dwellings licencing proposal; rental evictions
2019Environment and waste, Legislation and legal matters, Government administration05/12/2019
Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings) (Jersey) Law 2018; public health; rental properties; prosecutions; health and safety; rental prosecutions;
2019Environment and waste05/12/2019
complaints; rental properties; rental complaints; rented dwellings - minimum standards and prescribed hazards
SACRE determination; SACRE; RE; Acts of worship;
2019Public sector staffing and costs, Government administration05/12/2019
chief minister visits; overseas visits; chief minister travel; John Le Fondre travel; travel costs
2019Health - treatment and services04/12/2019
bed occupancy; hospital beds; hospital occupancy
2019Government administration03/12/2019
QW 154/2019; St Peters technical park;
2019Planning applications and issues02/12/2019
P/2019/0682; JCG; planning photograph; site photo
2019Health - treatment and services, Legislation and legal matters02/12/2019
Organ donation; transplant law; transplants; organ transplant; organ register; register of organs;
A Level; A Level results; exam results; A-Level;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison02/12/2019
Serious crime;
2019Policing, crime, courts and prison, Community Services02/12/2019
JFRS; hoax calls; fire & rescue hoax;
2019Health - treatment and services29/11/2019
cystic fibrosis
2019Government administration29/11/2019
mydeposit; mydeposits; myDeposits; my deposit; Deposits; landlords; tenancy;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles29/11/2019
taxi; taxi complaints; taxi driver complaints;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles29/11/2019
taxi plates; taxi cab plates; DVS;
2019Environment and waste29/11/2019
carbon emissions; carbon footprint; HQ building; zero carbon emissions;
2019Public sector staffing and costs, Government administration28/11/2019
whistleblowing; bullying; harassment; speak-up; speak up
2019Public sector staffing and costs27/11/2019
interim staff; HCS interim staff; HCS consultants;
2019Environment and waste27/11/2019
microplastics; water testing; water monitoring; micro plastics; micro plastic pollution; water pollution
2019Public property and infrastructure27/11/2019
office space; leased space; office leases;
2019Planning applications and issues27/11/2019
Green Street car park; P2019/1274; Green street designs; Green Street planning;
2019Planning applications and issues27/11/2019
change of use; planning regulations;
2019Government administration25/11/2019
business licenses; strada design; strada drilling;
2019Government administration26/11/2019
compensation claims; compensation; hospital claims;
2019Public sector spending and expenses, Government policy and procedure26/11/2019
web filtering; web-filtering; web filtering solution; web filtering support;
2019Government policy and procedure, Policing, crime, courts and prison, Health - treatment and services, Roads - safety, parking and vehicles22/11/2019
Type 2 diabetes; heart conditions; pedestrian injuries; hypertensive diseases; pedestrian deaths;
2019Government administration22/11/2019
RNLI; lifeboats; council of ministers; COM; Jersey Lifeboat association;
2019Government administration22/11/2019
breast feeding; breast feeding comments; John Le Bailly; connetable St Mary; breasfeeding;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles21/11/2019
electric car; car charging; charging points;
2019Public sector staffing and costs, Government policy and procedure, Education21/11/2019
education jobs; local employment;
2019Roads - safety, parking and vehicles21/11/2019
taxi plates; PSV badge; White plate; Yellow plate; Purple plate; Red plate;
2019Health - treatment and services19/11/2019
infant mortality; SCBU; caesarean; birth rates;
2019Government administration18/11/2019
strategic reserve; social security fund; investment portfolio; fossil fuels
2019Public sector staffing and costs14/11/2019
tier 1-3; tier 1; tier 2; tier 3; Government roles;
2019Government administration18/11/2019
Residential dwellings; landlord; residential landlords;
2019Government administration18/11/2019
residential lettings; lettings; residential dwellings; census
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