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For the last three financial years (2016, 2015, 2014) could you please tell me how many lump sum donation forms (R10(LSD)) were submitted to the Taxes Office, and the corresponding total amount paid out to the charities in each year.


The scheduled public authority doesn't hold information on the number of lump sum donation forms that are submitted annually and is unable to provide an answer to this part of the request.

Data is not recorded separately about tax repayments to exempt charities in respect of lump sum donations or about tax repayments to exempt charities in respect of payments made under deeds of covenant. Combined information in respect of both regimes is however recorded and is shown in the table below.

Table: Total repayments to tax exempt charities of tax deducted in respect of the lump sum donation and deed of covenant schemes


​Repayment of tax deducted (£m)







* Information extracted May 2017

** Information extracted January 2016

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