Most recent earthquake​​​​

The last earthquake in the Channel Islands was on and measured a magnitude of .

Previous earth​quakes in the Channel Islands

The Jersey Meteorological Dep​artment support the British Geological Survey (BGS) in recording earthquakes in the Channel Islands area and further afield.


For the most recent and up to date information, visit theBritish Geological Survey websitewhich also includes earthquakes from around the UK in the last 50 days.

Real time seismograms

You can see real time seismograms from St Aubin seismic station.

Select 'JSA (Jersey)' from the drop down list, then 'short period' for local earthquake information (within 300 miles / 483 kilometres).

Real time seismograms on the British Geological Survey website

Earthquakes around the British Isles interactive map

See theinteractive mapprovided by the British Geological Survey which allows you to see earthquakes around the British Isles for the last 50 days.

Have you felt an earthquake?

If you have felt an earthquake, let the British Geological Survey know by filling in theironline questionnaire.

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