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Christmas Bonus

If you're eligible, your Christmas Bonus will usually be paid into your bank account by 15 December. If you have not received your payment by this time contact the Social Security Department.

Am I entitled to receive the Christmas Bonus?

You're entitled to receive the Christmas Bonus if you're resident in Jersey and receive any of the following benefits from the Social Security Department:

  • old age pension
  • widow’s benefit
  • widowed father’s allowance
  • survivor’s benefit
  • invalidity benefit
  • 100% disablement benefit
  • 100% long term incapacity allowance
  • incapacity pension
  • income support - personal care level 2 or 3 
  • home carer's allowance

What is the Christmas Bonus?

The Christmas Bonus is an additional benefit of £83.72 that is paid to those who already receive certain benefits.  If you receive a UK pension and receive a UK bonus of £10, your Christmas Bonus will be reduced.

Do I have to live in Jersey to receive the bonus?

Yes, with effect from December 2011 the bonus will no longer be payable to anyone living outside the Island. 

Do I need to apply for the bonus?

No, application forms are no longer required as the bonus will be paid automatically to those who qualify.

How will I receive my payment?

Your Christmas Bonus is paid directly into your bank account, you should receive your payment by 15 December. If you have not received your payment by this time ​contact the Social Security Department.

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