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Free TV licences for people over 75

What is the Jersey Television Licence Scheme?

If you have reached the age of 75 or over on the date specified on the renewal notice and you meet certain conditions, you can get a free TV licence for your main home.

The scheme also provides for people below the age of 75 to claim the benefit if they have a person aged 75 or above permanently living with them and that person meets the necessary conditions. 

Do I qualify?

You are likely to qualify if:

  • you are aged 75 or over
  • your income is below
              - £16,070 for a single person and
              - £26,170 for a couple
  • you live in a domestic household

When do I apply?

You can apply when your licence comes up for renewal after your 75th birthday.

Part payments are not possible under the scheme.

How do I apply?

You can get an application form from either the main reception or the Pension Zone at Social Security. We can also send a form to you if you call us and request one, or you can download the form below.

You should complete the application form and return it to us along with either:

  • the ‘Notice of Renewal’ for a TV licence or
  • your actual TV licence or the stamped receipt confirming that the fee has been paid

If you don't receive an old age pension,​ we may ask to see your birth certificate.

If you can't complete the application form yourself, you can ask somebody to complete it for you.

Download TV licence application form (size 109kb)

How is the television licence paid?

We can pay your television licence in 2 ways. If you have already paid the licence, we can pay you directly into your bank account or if you have not yet paid your licence, we can pay the BBC directly and then they will send your renewed or new licence to you

What if I have already purchased stamps for my licence?

If you have already saved up to cover future costs of your licence on a television licence savings stamp card, you should write directly to the TV Licensing Authority. 

It is strongly advised that you send your card by special delivery to the TV Licensing Authority who will send you payment to the value of the stamps you have collected.

It should be noted that you cannot exchange your stamped card for cash at a local post office branch.

Can I appeal your decision not to give me a free licence?

If your application for a free television licence has been disallowed and you wish to appeal, please contact us at the Social Security Department and we will advise you on the appeal process. 

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