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Social désastre (bankruptcy) consultation

This consultation paper proposes a new form of bankruptcy, which gives more discretionary power to the Viscount. When the decision to declare someone bankrupt is made, that person's personal circumstances will be considered.

DepartmentChief Minister's
Start date22/01/2013
End date12/04/2013
Type of consultationGreen paper
Deadline for comments12/04/2013

About the consultation

This consultation paper proposes a new form of relief for people in a never-ending cycle of debt. The new law will allow the Viscount to make an order that will freeze a person’s debts for a period of one year. The debt will then be cancelled.
Each case would be considered individually without the need for lawyers and formal court proceedings. It would provide prompt help for insolvent debtors facing difficulties and would also give creditors a chance to respond to the order.
We'd like to hear from individuals and organisations that may be affected by the proposals, which are detailed in the document below.

How to submit comments to the consultation

​Please submit your comments by email or in writing.

Email the project and research officer

Write to:

Leo Oliveira
Chief Minister's Department
Cyril Le Marquand House
PO Box 140
St Helier

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