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Who we are and what we do

The Judicial Greffe provides administrative and secretarial support to ensure the effective operation of Jersey’s courts.

We provide support to ensure the effective operation of the following courts and tribunals:

  • Court of Appeal
  • Royal Court
  • Magistrate's Court
  • Youth Court
  • Petty Debts Court
  • Jersey Employment Tribunal
  • Social Security Appeal Tribunal
  • Social Security Medical Appeal Tribunal
  • Income Support Medical Appeal Tribunal
  • Health and Safety Appeal Tribunal

The Judicial Greffe supports a variety of different areas of judicial work, including: 

  • intellectual property registrations
  • family law
  • land registration
  • wills

Each week, the Royal Court sits on Friday to hear general matters. The name of this court, the Samedi Court, and the name of this department, the Judicial Greffe, reflect the historic roots of Jersey law in Norman French law.

Judicial Greffier

Mr Michael Wilkins

Deputy Judicial Greffier

Mr Paul Matthews

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