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What do social services do?

Social services is made up of three specialist services:

  • the children’s service
  • the adult social work team
  • the special needs service

These services work together to provide social care and support in the community.

Social services helps people who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives to assess and understand the problems they face, and to find solutions. The intention is to help them live more successfully and independently, or if this is not possible, to be cared for in a setting that meets their needs.

What kind of services do you offer?

Social Services provides a range of advice, support and services in the following areas:

  • children in need of protection as a result of any form of abuse or neglect;
  • children who need additional services in order to reach a reasonable standard of health and development (for example children with disabilities);
  • children who need to be provided with care because they cannot live with their own parents;
  • adults with a learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder who require support to achieve independence and live a full and valued life;
  • adults who require protection as a result of abuse or neglect;
  • older people who require assessment in order to access appropriate nursing or residential care;
  • adults who need additional services in order maintain their health, safety and independence (for example people with a physical or sensory disability, people with a brain injury);
  • people who provide care to elderly or disabled family members or others, who may need assistance.

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