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Fishing and aquaculture

The fishing industry is one of the oldest in Jersey and remains buoyant today. Here you will find information about fishing licences and regulations.

Fishing boat licensing

Find out about commercial fishing licences, including how to apply, vessel criteria, and which waters you can fish

Fishing regulations

Find out the minimum sizes for catch and nets, and other fishing and angling guidelines

Fish and shellfish farming

Information about where the fish farms are located and what types of marine shellfish and marine fin fish are farmed

Scallop diving

Find out about scallop diving permits and how to apply

Fisheries and Marine Resources Panel

Find the constitution, minutes and membership of the Fisheries and Marine Resources panel

Fishermans' aid package

Learn more about the aid package from the Economic Development Department to help fisherman that incurred losses during the 2013 / 14 storms

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