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Natural Sites Search

The Natural Sites database contains the List of places that are of ecological, botanical, zoological and/or geological interest. These are known as Sites of Special Interest.

The database also contains information on proposed Sites of Special Interest. Some Sites of Special Interest include Listed Buildings and Places that are of architectural, historical and/or archaeological Interest. More detailed information on individual Listed Buildings and Places can be found in the Historic Environments Database.

You can search the database of Natural Sites by:

  • parish
  • main habitat
  • location (road name)

If you searched for parish 'St. Brelade and reason for listing ‘ecological’, the map will indicate the location and approximate extent of all Sites of Special Interest or proposed Sites in the Parish of St Brelade that include ecological as a main reason for listing. The search is not case sensitive.

Please note that the extent of each SSI as shown on the Jersey Map is approximate; a more detailed location map and boundary descriptions for each Site can be found within the detail and documentation for each individual Site.

Please contact the Natural Environment Team if you require further clarification or information about Natural Sites.

Important information
This database is for information only and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Names of properties change over time and without notice and the information given usually relates only to the name in use when the building or place was protected. Please remember that each protected , place is someone’s property and so please respect their ownership and privacy. The publication of this information does not infer any rights in respect of any property. If you wish to carry out works to land orproperty that is protected you may need to seek planning permission for the work.

Property name Parish Reference
Reason for listing