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Information and public services for the Island of Jersey

L'înformâtion et les sèrvices publyis pouor I'Île dé Jèrri

Approved marriage locations

Approved civil marriage locations

Marriage ceremonies can only take place at an approved location for marriage.

If you're planning to get married at a venue not on the approved locations list you can apply to have a location approved for marriage. An application can be for a single ceremony or for a 3 years approval for a general marriage venue.

You must make sure that you have hired the below location from the owners of these sites before you make your application to get married or have a civil partnership ceremony.​

Area of natural beauty

Special conditions
​Les Monts Grantez
​National Trust for Jersey, 
Les Chemins des Monts
St Ouen
​1. Natural amphitheatre overlooking St Ouen's Bay
​1. Boundaries to be defined by first line of trees on easterly slope and all fencing or natural borders descending northern or southern sides of slope, western flat area to include headland area with natural planting or drop off boarders
La Rue de Grantez,
St Ouen,
JE3 2GR 
​1. Large Field (Field 01609A)
​Area from the north-western corner of the field to follow the northern natural boundary of the field for 13 metres then at a right angle to the southern boundary. To follow the south and western natural perimeters.  Eastern boundary to be clearly marked.
​Sark View 
​Sark View, Field SM 306, Rue des Huriaux, St Mary 
​1. Lower, northern section of field
2. Upper, southern section of field

​1 and 2: boundaries defined by surrounding perimeter fence
​La Lande Farm
​La Rue de la Petite Lande, Les Platons, Trinity, JE3 5AE

​1. The Cherry Tree

2. The Steps

3. The Willow Tree

​1. The Cherry Tree area to follow the natural borders of the garden as defined on the plan.

2. The Steps to follow the line of the fir hedge to the east to a line in line with the tree stump. From the tree stump to the west to follow the border of the planted garden until it is perpendicular to the first tree, as defined on the plan.

3. The Willow Tree area to follow the bank behind the willow tree from the first large tree on the bank to the large tree to the north west.  From the large tree east to the camelia tree then a line to the south east to meet the bank, to form a rectangle.  

General condition to 1, 2 and 3: all borders not naturally defined to be clearly marked.

​La Robeline
Area adjacent to Field 1190, La Robeline, La Rue de la Robeline, St Ouen JE3 2EU
1. Area adjacent to Field 1190
1. Section of land with natural boundaries at all sides, with southern boundary at edge of path (to exclude path), as per site plan

Civic venue

Special conditions
​Temporary Register Office
Seale Street
St Helier
​The Old Magistrate's Court
​Maximum 10 attendees, including couple and their witnesses
​St Helier Town Hall
​York Street
St Helier
​1. Assembly Room
2. Committee Room
3. The Old Magistrate's Court 
​No special conditions

Events venue

Special conditions
​Chateau Vermont
​Le Mont Sohier
St Saviour
​1. Vermont Chapel
2. Grand Salle
3. Vermont Hall
4.Outdoor Stage 
5.Patio adjacent to Vermont Chapel 
6. Lower Garden 

4.Full stage area, guest numbers must be limited to only those that can be safely seated away from edge of stage.

5. Boundaries as defined by paved patio area.

6. Boundaries defined by lawned area and boundary walls.

​The Lido
​Havre des Pas
St Helier

1. Main circle (indoor venue)
2. Circular Balcony
3. Circular roof deck
4. Upper rectangular roof deck
5. Rectangular balcony
4. Lower balcony and steps to pool and beach
​1. Entire indoor area with kitchens to be screened off
2. Area to be defined by walls and edge of steps
3. Entire circular roofed area including steps and multi-levels
4. Entire roofed area
5. Entire balcony area down to second level (6)
6. Entire lower steps area down to pool and beach

Golf club

Special conditions
​Les Mielles Golf and Country Club
​Les Mielles Golf and Country Club
La Grande Route de Marette
St Peter

1. Prime Event Venue
2.Small Event Venue
3. Menhir
4. White Menhir
5. Putting Green

​1. Boundary directly opposite electricity box to front edge of bank
2. Boundary to follow curve of bank around putting green to walkway
3. Boundary to follow bush 15 metre past menhir. Edge of site falls on bank sloping down to open area
4. Boundary up to pond out to middle of fairway
5. Entire putting green lawn area

Heritage venue

Special conditions
​16 New Street
​National Trust for Jersey
St Helier
​1. The Club Room
2. The Drawing Room
no special conditions
​Elizabeth Castle
Jersey Heritage,
St Aubin's Bay
St Helier

1. West Bastion
2. The Green
3. ?
4. The Lower Governor's House
5. The Upper Governor’s House
6. The Governor's House Terrace and Tower
7. The Pepper Pot Green

Ceremonies only to be permitted at low tide or when travel to castle possible by foot
1. Entire area within walls up to road
2. Entire lawn area
3. Paved area and grassy lawn up to exterior wall of bunker and building
4. Ground floor main and larger room only
5. First floor main and larger room only
6. Entire concrete terrace. Tower areas to include first 2 flights of external granite stairs of turrets and both first and second level small terraces overlooking concrete terrace
7. Lawn area on top of bunker within railings

​Hamptonne Country Life Museum
​Jersey Heritage 
La Rue de la Patente
St Lawrence
​1. South Courtyard
2. Hamptonne House Kitchen
3. Hamptonne House Parlour
4. Le Pressoir (Cider Barn)
5. Langlois House (main room)
6. Marquee area on top lawn
7. Orchard
​1. Courtyard boundaries to
be all external walls of area,
ending at entrance of
Syvret House door
6. Boundary to be gravelled
hard area only
7. Boundaries formed by
natural boundaries and gravel pathway
​Jersey Museum
​Jersey Heritage 
The Weighbridge
St Helier
​1. Dining Room (Merchant House) 2. Victorian Drawing Room (Merchant House)
​1. and 2. Entire room
​Kempt Tower
Jersey Heritage​La Grande Route des Mielles
St Ouen 
​1. Headland (including Emplacement area)
2. Lounge area (portion of 1st Floor) 

​1. Boundaries to be outside edge of emplacement wall and both pathways to exterior sides of Kempt Tower. Pegs or markers to be placed on outside boundaries from emplacement to Tower 
2. Semi-circular half of 1st floor to include lounge area and exclude sleeping area.  Sleeping area to be screened.  
3. Roof of the Tower.
​La Hougue Bie

​Jersey Heritage 
La Route de la Hougue Bie
​Veranda and adjoining lawn area
​Boundaries of lawn to
be clearly marked
by pegs or markers
Le Câtel Fort
​National Trust for Jersey
Le Chemin du Câtel
St Mary
​1.The fort (internal room)
2. Landscaped area in front of the Fort
3. Western corner gun emplacement gravelled area
4. Central western gun emplacement area
​1. Entire room inside Fort building
2. Lawn area infront of Fort building (including terrace) up to edge of grass and wall to gravel area with side boundaries from gable ends of Fort
3. Corner gun emplacement gravelled area, as defined by circle of granite wall and edging of gravel to lawn
4. Central gun emplacement are as defined by granite wall, edging of gravel to lawn in semi circle
​Le Don Hilton
​National Trust for Jersey
Le Don Hilton (La Caumin à Marie Best)
Le Grande Route des Mielles
St Peter
​1. Main room within building (sea facing)
2. Area of land adjoining building
​2. Boundaries to be defined by external wall of building (to include terrace), internal wall bordering promenade, trees or bollards to south of land, eastern boundary line from end of eastern wall of building across to trees.
​Mont Orgueil Castle
Jersey Heritage Gorey
St Martin

1. The Rose Garden at the Fourth Gate
2. Middle Ward Gardens
3. The Tudor Chamber
4. The Grand Battery
5. The Medieval Great Hall
​1. Boundaries defined by area within low granite wall area only 2. Entire ward area up to boundary walls including all garden spaces 3. Entire room 4. Entire area within walls from top of steps 5. Entire room


Special conditions
The ​Atlantic Hotel
​Le Mont de la Pulente
St Brelade
1.The Front Lawn (South)
2.The Beach Tree
3.Under the Cypress Trees
4.The Nook
5.The Garden
6.Court Side
7.The Court
8.The Holly Tree
9.Blossom Corner
10. Sea Breeze
11. The Oaks
12.Poplars’ Glade
13.The Park
14.Rocco’s Corner
15.Ocean View
16.The Garden Room
17.The Pine Room

1.  Boundary to include lawn area up to birch tree abutting garden and hotel suites and cypress tree, across to steps to pool 2. Boundary from edge of lawn adjacent to the south of the pool area, to cypress tree, to follow the line of cypress trees north to a point in line with the building.  3.  Natural rectangular lawn formed by cypress trees and wild hedging 4. Lawn area from sycamore tree to edge of lawn and fence and cypress tree 5. Boundary from edge of tennis court to corner of suite wing, up to lamp post on corner of entrance lane to edge of tennis court 6. Boundary to full length corners of tennis court using lampposts and large trees as corner markers 7.  Entire tennis court 8.  Natural 3m circle around tree 9. Natural rectangle of lawn, with natural border 10.  Natural square of lawn slope with natural borders 11.  Edge of poplar trees along line of entrance road up to edge of hedge and to large oak tree 12.  Edge of bank and all boundaries within outside line of poplar trees 13.  Hedge boundary from top end to tree boundary to bank, wall to entrance road and to edge of hedge boundary 14. All the natural borders including large tree and banks and hedges 15. Natural boundaries of headland, entrance at edge of bank 16 and 17. The entire room as defined by inner walls
​Beau Rivage Hotel
​La Route de la Baie
St Brelade
​1. Conservatory
2. Small function room
3. Dining Room
4. Marquee on the Terrace
no special conditions
​Best Western Royal Hotel
​David Place
St Helier
​1. Windsor Suite
2. The Conservatory
no special conditions
​Château La Chaire
​La Vallee de Rozel
St Martin

1. ​The Drawing Room
2. The Suite
3. The Terrace
1. and 2. Entire room 3. Boundary to be defined by edge of hard stone flooring and exterior walls and to include interior of entrance porch
​Grand Jersey Hotel and Spa
​The Esplanade
St Helier
​1. The Grande Suite
2. The Leopold Suite
3. Victoria's, Residents lounge
no special conditions
​Greenhills Country Hotel
​Mont de l'Ecole
St Peter's Valley
St Peter
​The Beaumont Room
​The entire room as defined by inner walls
​Hotel Cristina
​Le Mont Felard
St Lawrence
​Upper level - Restaurant
​No special conditions
​Hotel la Place
​La Route du Coin
St Brelade

 1. Conservatory

 2.Meadow Suite

​1 and 2: entire room as defined by internal walls and as per site plan
​L'Horizon Beach Hotel and Spa
​La Route de la Baie
St Brelade
​1. Crystal Room
2. Drawing Room
3. Atlantic Room
​No special conditions
​Pomme d'Or Hotel
​Liberation Square
St Helier
​1. Wharf Suite 
2. La Petit Pomme

no special conditions
​Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
​Rue de L'Etau
St Helier
​1. Rocco Tower
2. Elizabeth Room
3. Le Hocq Suite
no special conditions
​Somerville Hotel
​Mont du Boulevard
St Brelade
​Private Function Room
known as Garden Suite
no special conditions
​St Brelade's Bay Hotel
​La Route de la Baie
St Brelade

1. Lounge

2. Rosière Suite

3. Tennis Court (section of)

4. Top lawn

5. Petit Port Cafe (al fresco area)

6. Front lawn (west)

7. Front lawn (east)

3: Western half of tennis court only

4: boundaries to be edges of lawn up to willow tree on eastern side

5: patio area only. Kiosk shutters to be closed down.

6 and 7: Boundaries to be edges of lawn up to pathway

Club Hotel and Spa
​Green Street
St Helier

1. Exterior Pool Terrace
2. Club Room
3. Champagne Suite

​No special conditions
​The Ommaroo Hotel
​Havre des Pas
St Helier

​1. The Sail Lounge
2. The Balcony Lounge
3. Palmer's Restaurant
4.The Sun Lounge
5. Grantley's Bar
6. The Garden
7. The Beach Terrace
​1. Entire room
2. Room and external balcony, bar to be screened off
3. Entire room
4. Main entrance to be closed for ceremony duration
5. Entire room
6. Entire lawn area
7. Entire area within railings
​The Royal Yacht Hotel
​The Weighbridge
St Helier

1. Sirocco Restaurant and Balcony
2. Celestial Hall (South)
3. Celestial Hall (North)
4. The Lazy Jack Bar
5. The Lazy Jack Lounge
6. Vista room and balcony
7. Mooncatcher Penthouse Suite
8. Stargazer Penthouse Suite
9. POSH Bar and Terrace
​1. Screens to be erected to conceal bar 2. and 3. Dividing wall can be removed to make one large area (Celestial Hall) if required 4. Screens to be erected to conceal bar 7. and 8. To include lounge and balcony only. Hot tub on balcony to be excluded and not to be used 9. Screens to be erected to conceal bar
​Panoramic Apartments
​La Rue du Val de la Mare du Sud, St Peter JE3 7FH 

​1. The Sunset Room

2. The Sunset View Garden (section of)

​1. Entire room, boundary to be marked by entrance to storeroom. All catering, cooking and kitchen equipment and any other items unrelated to the ceremony to be removed. 

2. Section to be defined by north edge of gazebo structure with all other boundaries being defined by hedges and permanent planters. All extraneous materials to be removed as befits the location of a legal ceremony.


​Special conditions
​La Hague Manor
(St George's Preparatory School)
​Rue de la Hague
St Peter
​1. Outdoor classroom
2. Top lawn
3. Main lawn
4. Driveway lawn
5. Dining hall
6. Main entrance hall
7. Terrace
​All boundaries of each
location which are not
defined by natural or architectural
boundaries to be clearly
marked with pegs or markers
​Samarès Manor
​La Grande Route de St Clément
St Clement
​1. Japanese Gardens
2. Arboretum
3. Willow Labyrinth
4. Japanese Pergola (including gravel courtyard)
5. Crypt
6. Colombiere Lawn
7. Marquee on Main House Lawn
8. Main house lawn
All boundaries which are not defined by natural pathway boundaries to be clearly marked with pegs or other markers. All boundaries per site plan
​St Ouen's Manor
​La Grande Route de St Ouen
St Ouen

1. Front lawn
2. East terrace
3. Top pond
4. West wood
5. Great Hall
6. Walled Garden (section of)
7. Ladies’ Walk
6. boundary to be outside edge of middle pathway and fountain

​La Moye Manor
​La Moye Manor, La Route Orange, St Brelade, JE3 8GQ 

​1. Section of a field to the east of the manor 

2. Walled Garden

3. Pool Area

​1. from the Holm oak to the gate, then a right angle to the southern boundary of the field, then following the natural boundary to the west as far as the large grey plant pot.

2. The area within the walled garden.

3. The lawn area to the west of the swimming pool to extend the length of the pool.   All areas not bounded by natural or build features to be clearly marked

Members club

Special conditions
​Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club
​Le Mont du Boulevard
St Brelade

​1. Ground Floor Dining Area

2. Top Floor Terrace

Area 1: Area to exclude bar. Bar must be screened off so bar is not visible or operational, during approval period of any ceremony.

Area 2: Screens or similar physical boundary to be erected to mark boundary to terrace area not within approval area (see site plan)

Private residence

Special conditions
​Domaine des Vaux
​Domain des Vaux
Rue de Bas
St Lawrence

​1. Garden Courtyard
2. Garden Lawn
3. Front Courtyard
4. Field above house 

1. Boundaries to be the exterior walls of house to the planter

2. Boundaries to be the edges of lawn to the planter

3. Boundaries to be the exterior walls of house and from edge of gable end across to barn

4. Boundary to be the natural edges of field and line as detailed on plan. 

​Le Mont du Ouaisné
St Brelade

​1. The Terrace

2. The Orchard

3. The Avery

4. The Circle

​The Terrace: a rectangle to follow the natural embankments to the north, east and west to a point up to the south-western wooden handrail.
The Orchard to adjoin The Terrace area at the wooden handrail and to follow the pathway into the tree lined rectangular area. The Avery to encompass the boundaries of the lawned area adjacent to the driveway and to include the chalet. The Circle to follow the circular boundary and the small area leading to and including the chalet.  All as shown on the plans provided

​La Haie Fleurie

​Rue du Villot
St Martin (available for hire through Marquee Solutions)

1. Flag Pole Lawn

2. Main Lawn

3. Orchard

4. Wild Garden

​All boundaries of each location above which are not defined by natural or architectural boundaries are to be clearly marked with pegs or markers.
​La Ferrière

​La Rue de la Hougette
St Saviour

​1. Garden Lawn (South)
2. Garden Lawn (Middle)
3. Walled Paddock (East)
4. Walled Paddock (West)
5. Garden Lawn (West)

​1 and 2: lawn area only

3. Central boundary marked by granite post and across to large tree

4. Entire lawn area including pathway into lawn

Public house

Special conditions
​Le Moulin de Lecq
​Greve de Lecq
St Ouen

​1. Terrace Area

2. Courtyard Section (restaurant end)

3. Courtyard Section (gardens end)

4. Wonderland (field)

5. Main Field

6. Restaurant (Private Room)

7. Restaurant (Main Area)

8. Bridge

1. Boundaries defined by natural hedging and pathways

2. Boundaries defined by exterior of building, across to BBQ bar and to far side of steps to terrace

3. Boundaries defined by far side of steps to terrace and tarmac area to gardens

4 and 5: boundaries marked by natural boundaries of fields

6. Dividing wall into main restaurant to be in place

7. Curtains or screens to be erected covering bar and food serving area

​Old Court House
Le Boulevard, St Brelade JE3 8AB 
​1. Judge's Chambers
2. Granite Room
3. Rear Courtyard
​All boundaried to be defined by interior walls


Special conditions
​Corbiere Phare
​La Rue de Lane Corbiere
St Brelade 

1. Restaurant

2. External terrace

​No special conditions

​Samphire Restaurant

​7-11 Don Street
St Helier

​Samphire Private Dining Room

​No special conditions

​The Boat House

1 North Quay, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8BS

The Anchor Club 
Entire upper deck 
​The Ranch Restaurant
​Old Bank House, Gorey Village, JE3 9FX
Portion of external courtyard 
​​No special conditions


Special conditions
​La Mare Wine Estate
​La Hougue Mauger
St Mary

1. Drawing room

2. Vineyard marquee

3. Lawn side

4. Left lawn main

5. Right lawn main

6. Garden room

7. Orangery

8. Gravel area

Area 2: 4 corners of the boundary to be clearly marked with stakes or pegs. 

Area 3: boundary is the outer boundary of the lawn as far as the gravel pathway. 

Areas 4 and 5: Pegs to be inserted into edge of lawn to clearly mark outer boundary from gravel yard.

Zoological park

Special conditions
​Jersey Zoo 
​Les Augres Manor
La Profonde Rue

1. Les Noyers Garden

2. Manor House Courtyard

3. Manor House Garden

4. Kirindy Kabin

5. The Orchard

6. The Organic Showcase

7. The Butterfly and Tortoise House

8. The Bat Lawn

9. The Tree with a Door

10. The Gorilla Lawn

11. Lemur Lodge

12. Council Room

​All boundaries not defined by natural or architectural boundaries to be marked by pegs or markers and in compliance with accompanying site plan.

Approved religious marriage locations

All of the below locations are not approved for same-sex marriage.

Religion or church
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, St Peter's ValleySt Mary
+44 (0) 1534 482171Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
St Thomas' Church, Val PlaisantSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
St Mary and St Peters Church, Wellington RoadSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
Beaulieu Chapel, Wellington RoadSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
Our Lady of the Annunciation, La Grande Route de St MartinSt Martin+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
St Patrick, La Grande Route de St ClementSt Clement+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Church, La Neuve RouteSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
St Bernadette Church, La Route des QuennevaisSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
St Matthieu, Coin VarinSt Peter+44 (0) 1534 720235Catholic Church
The United Reformed Church, SionSt John+44 (0) 1534 861386United Reformed Church
Freedom Centre, Bath StreetSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 768957Freedom Church
The Baptist Church, Vauxhall StreetSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 879611Baptist Church
The Religious Society of Friends, ColomberieSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 766156Quakers, Jersey
St Columba's Church of Scotland, Midvale RoadSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 733220Church of Scotland
St Helier Methodist Centre, Halkett PlaceSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church The Bulwarks St AubinSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church, St MartinSt Martin+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church 'Bethlehem'St Mary+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church Rue de Trodez, St OuenSt Ouen+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church Philadelphie, St PeterSt Peter+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Chapel 'Bethesda' , St OuenSt Ouen+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church GeorgetownSt Saviour+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Methodist Church 'Ebenezer'Trinity+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
CommunicareSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 728900Methodist Church
The Salvation Army Citadel, Minden PlaceSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 723336The Salvation Army
The Quennevais Evangelical ChurchSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 744984Quennevais Evangelical Church
The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Roseville StreetSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 728483Jehovah's Witnesses
The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses La MoyeSt Brelade+44 (0) 1534 728483Jehovah's Witnesses
Belmont Road Gospel HallSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 726644Belmont Road Gospel Hall
Halkett Place Evangelical ChurchSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 709595Halkett Place Evangelical Church
The Greater World Christian Spiritualist ChurchSt Helier+44 (0) 1534 629559The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church
Elim Rock Community Centre
St Saviour+44 (0) 1534 738100Jersey Elim Pentecostal Church
​The Synagogue
​St Brelade
​+44 (0) 1534 744946
​The Jersey Jewish Congregation
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