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Introduction, framework and general development policies (Island Plan 2011)

Index, introduction and format

This section lists the titles of each of the policies and proposals included within the Island Plan 2011.  It also provides an introduction and explains the format of the plan. The content and justification for each policy should be read within the relevant section.

Download index introduction and format: Island Plan 2011 (size 1.43mb)​

Background, context and framework

This section explains the key strategic principles by setting them out in the form of strategic policies.  It looks at the key issues that will determine the way land is used in Jersey over the plan period.

Download background context and framework: Island Plan 2011 (size 585kb)

General development control policies

General development control policies can be summarised around 6 main themes. This section expands on these themes in greater detail:

  • sustainable development
  • impact on the environment
  • impact on neighbouring land and users
  • value of the development
  • travel and transport

Download general development control policies: Island Plan 2011 (size 153 kb)​​​​​

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